planning the perfect wedding welcome bag

At No Regrets our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for your guests from the moment they receive their invitation to the grand exit of the bride + groom. This includes creating beautifully curated welcome bags that speak to the location, the couple's unique personalities and what their guests will need to be comfortable. The No Regrets team loves working with our clients to design the perfect way to say, "We are glad you are here. Thank you for coming! Have a GREAT time!"

Whether you are putting your own bags together, having your planner manage this task or utilizing an online service, the following tips will help you provide your guests with a glimpse of the festivities to come — allowing you and your groom to highlight the most important parts of the weekend with thoughtful, personalized details.

Water...bottled water in hotel room mini bars can add up for your guests. Add 1 to 2 bottles of water per guest to the welcome bag. Waters packaged in plastic bottles will weight less than glass so consider this when selecting a brand of water to include.

Something Sweet…every wedding welcome tote should include something to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth! Make it fun by including your favorite candy in cute packaging, such as personalized items from Dylan’s Candy Bar or Sugarfina. You can also package your own sweets by purchasing in bulk from companies like Candy Warehouse. The No Regrets team prefers to work with other small businesses, so we always look for shops local to where the couple is from or where they will be married.

Something Salty…After the after-party, something salty is always appreciated by your guests. Nut mixes are always popular, but they can create issues for people with nut allergies so consider some of these other salty snacks! Potato chips are always a hit, and they come in more flavors than ever before. Next to chips, popcorn comes in a close second among late-night favs. We love the amazing flavors offered by Poppy Hand-Crafted Popcorn in Asheville, NC and Clusters Handcrafted Popcorn with several locations in Pennsylvania

Something Handmade…If you want to boost the luxury of your welcome bag, add something spa-inspired like bath salts or a travel candle. No Regrets works with many Etsy vendors that offer unique and beautifully packages options, as well as with companies like Catbird and Brooklyn based Apotheke.

Hangover Relief…It is a wedding and YES there will be hangovers. Your guests will appreciate your forethought when you pop a couple of Advil packets and a tin of Altoids into a cute “hangover kit” mini bag for the morning after. Check out these customizable bags on Etsy.

Do Not Disturb…We just LOVE this idea! Nothing is more appreciated than undisturbed rest after the festivities. Work with your stationer to create personalized “Do Not Disturb” door hanger signs for your guests. They will appreciate the extra stay-in-your-room service and have a treasure to take home to remember all of the fun!

The Libation…Drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – are a nice way to set a celebratory tone for your wedding. This is a great way to tie in your location. Microbreweries are on the rise and producing some amazing beers. Share your fav or find something local to where you are getting married. Nothing says “Let’s Celebrate!” like splits of sparkling wine or sparkling rose. Add striped straws in your color palette to dress things up.

The Paperwork…Your guests will find the snacks and other goodies to be the most exciting part of the welcome bag, but the paperwork is a necessity! This is where you remind

guests of the itinerary for the wedding weekend, and the perfect place to share information about special transportation if you are providing it. Maps and driving directions may be on your wedding website, but it is helpful to include that information again in the welcome bag so guests have this information at their fingertips. We also recommend including information about the area. While it is a busy time for the wedding party and family guests may find time explore. Finally, a welcome note to guests is very important to include…handwritten and personalized is not required, but certainly adds an amazing touch!

The Tote…Now that you have found all these amazing pieces to your welcome bag you need to decide how your guests can “tote” this around. The options for containing everything are as vast as the items you can put in them. Some favorites are canvas totes, decorative boxes, kraft paper bags, wine crates, and the list goes on. The No Regrets team recommends contacting your hotel ahead of time to discuss how their welcome bag delivery or pickup process works, and find out what has worked well at their property and what has not. We find that most properties are very accommodating, but it is always good

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