let's hear it for the boys!

“Let’s Hear it for the Boys”

by: Drew Ronemus

When it comes to wedding planning, the first thing that normally comes to mind is, “let’s leave that to the bride”. Well this is an idea that seems to be quickly evolving. More and more these days, the grooms have had a larger role in the planning process, giving opinions on anything from the band, the booze (naturally), to surprising his bride-to-be with the honeymoon. Weddings are not a cheap endeavor, and luckily, for the bride, the grooms are starting to help pay for some things beyond what they traditionally have paid for like the bridal party flowers, transportation, and so on.

For starters, the band. What man doesn’t love to dance right? It has become very prevalent that we see the groom having a pretty strong opinion on what he will be “grooving” to at the reception, whether that means having a DJ play all of the newest hits, or a band playing oldies that you really can’t say “no” to dancing to. Let’s be honest here, the music really can make or break a reception, so it is vital that you have the right music for the occasion. Thankfully the groom is able to give his two cents (or maybe more) on this matter, being able to tell what will get the guests out on that dance floor.

Booze. Another thing that not only helps get the party started, but is also probably a favorite topic of discussion for the groom. What man doesn’t love to talk about beer, bourbon, and a party? Let the women have their wine and champagne, and let the boys handle the stuff that will pack a punch. A growing trend is the cigar and bourbon bar. This adds some much needed masculinity for the men at the reception. Along with this, we are seeing more “his and hers” signature cocktails, providing the guests an option to share a favorite drink with the groom.

The honeymoon. So many grooms these days are surprising their brides with the honeymoon, only telling them what to pack. This creates so much excitement for the bride, and so much anticipation of what to look forward to for that week or two get away after the biggest day of her life.

Lastly, there seem to be some fashionable men out there, and they want their groomsmen to look as fresh and clean as ever. They are picking anything out from what suit they are going to be

strutting down the aisle in, to the matching bowties, really showing off their own personal style.

Little touches like these really are making the wedding day a marriage of both styles from both the bride and groom, creating an unforgettable day for everyone involved.

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