pantone spring 2018 color - warm sand

When planning your wedding, it can be tough to decide whether to jump onto the latest wedding fads or opt for a more classic vibe. If you are exploring your color options then why not consider beige? Yes…beige! Hear me out. Beige has been given a bad wrap. It has been called dull, it has been called boring, and some even say this is what the mother of the groom should wear as she sits quietly on the wedding day. But we do not think beige isn’t boring in the least! Dependable. Yes! Conservative. Yes! Flexible. Indeed! Boring??? Absolutely not! And we will discuss that whole mother of the groom thing at another time.

Pantone’s 2018 color Warm Sand offers some of the warmth of the color brown as well as the crisp, coolness of the color white. It is calm, relaxing, and pairs beautifully with many colors. Use of this neutral is a great opportunity to layer textures, incorporate metallic materials like copper or gold, or even go bold with vivid shades of blue, red and green. Your use of Warm Sand will only be limited by your imagination!

beautiful images from pinterest

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